Scottish West Region 2022 Championship and Premiership Step Lecture

Date: Sunday 12th September 2021
Time: 1.30pm (UK)
Meeting opening at 1.00pm (UK)

As this counts for Judges and Examiners CPD, please ensure your camera is switched on for the duration of the lecture with a connected microphone (muted). Meetings should be treated as professional meetings and attendees should ensure they are in a suitable indoor location.

Questions are welcome and should be posted in the ‘Chat’ section which will be forwarded to the RSOBHD Technical Committee. All answers will be answered in the Q&A section of the RSOBHD website.

Please ensure the correct username is used during registration to enable access to the lecture.
Topic: 2022 Championship and Premiership Step Lecture
Time: Sunday 12th September 2021 1.30 PM London (U.K. time)

Please register your attendance in advance using the link below.

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