The British Association of Teachers of Dancing

Scottish National Dance Premiership Clydebank Leisure Centre 16th September 2023

The BATD held its annual Scottish National Dance Premiership event in Clydebank Leisure Centre on Saturday the 16th September 2023. The event was very successful with a higher number of entries this year.

The morning session was dedicated to the Primary, Beginners, Novice and Intermediate sections with a total of 85 entries.

The Scottish National Dance Premiership took place in the afternoon. Dancers were delighted with the single age groups from age 10 years up to 15 years. Many people were thanked for sponsoring the additional awards for the extra age groups in 2023.

The 16 and over age groups will be reviewed for the 2024 event.

Scottish National Dance Premiership Results for 2023
7 years & under 11 years 11 years 12 years 13years
Winner Alexia Bianconcini Lucy Funnel Korri McMillian Alice Newlands
2nd Harris Fraser Ailsa Gordon-Duff Alex Anderson Lucy McMaster
3rd Naomi Gilfillan Olivia Buchanan Rachel Carruthers Serena Bianconcini
4th Emma Martin Emma Johnston Niamh Brown Taylor McMillan
5th Miah Grace McGowan Libby Stewart Melissa Taylor Ashleigh Duncan
6th Olivia Moffat Jessica Putka Kacey Shaw Morla Bruce


14 years 15 years 16 years & Under 18 years Adult
Winner Aimee McDermott Eilidh Gammons Katie Semple Chloe McLean
2nd Gabriella Birkmyre Isla Gauld Hannah Cameron Kirstin Stewart
3rd Murron Putka Willow Brown Amelia Leishman Rachael Walker
4th Lucy Milne Ellie Rennie Morven Terrace Brogan Martin
5th Eilidh Clark Amy Macrae Catherine Gibson Eve McKenzie
6th Ellie Kilfedder Leah Aitken Emma Banks Robyn McMillan


The Special Event – Scottish Lilt
7 and under 12 years 12 and under 16 years 16 years and over
Lucy Funnel Eilidh Gammons Chloe McLean