UK Bobby Barr Freestyle Scholarships

The President and Executive Council of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing wish to inform members that due to the continuation of Covid-19 and uncertainty of numbers and social distancing for events at this time and in the months to come, a decision has been taken that the BATD Bobby Barr Freestyle Scholarships will be cancelled for the 2021 year.
Dancers, teachers and parents may be unable to travel, social distancing rules may still apply, large gatherings may not be permitted and music not able to be played – all which are part of the Freestyle Scholarship weekend – makes it very difficult to plan ahead for the event.
Any students who may have received a nomination from examinations during 2020 will have their nominations carried forward to the 2022 event along with students who may receive a nomination from exams taken during 2021. All nominations will remain secure at Head Office until the release in January 2022 of all nominations for the 2022 Freestyle Scholarships.

We are very disappointed that we have had to make this decision and understand that potential candidates will be disappointed also, however the decision has been made with the health and safety of everyone concerned.