Sadie Simpson Highland Scholarship Weekend Lecture Series – 2022 Premiership Steps

Continuing the BATD’s Sadie Simpson Highland Scholarship Lecture Series, Miss. Christine Aitken will conduct an online class via the Zoom Platform.

The 2022 Premiership Steps will be presented on Sunday 3rd October 2021 at 10.30am EST and 3.30pm UK.

Please fill in your details in this link to register:
Non-members may attend at a cost of $10, this can be paid via the adhoc section of the website.


Christine has been a member of the RSOBHD Technical Committee for around 40 years and the Judges Committee a little less. She has been Convenor of the Technical Committee and at present is the Convenor of the Judges Committee.

Christine is an Independent Member and was previously a Delegate for the BATD for many years. She is an RSOBHD Adjudicator and also a BATD Examiner. Christine is Immediate Past President of the BATD having been President from 2015 to 2018.

Christine teaches Highland on a regular basis each week and has been teaching now for 56 years. She is actively involved in all aspects of teaching, judging and examining Highland Dancing.


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