The British Association of Teachers of Dancing


The B.A.T.D Malta Region is the largest professional Ballroom and Latin American dance teachers association in Malta.

Maltese dance teachers have been members of the B.A.T.D since, March 1985. The Malta Region was established in December 1990 under the patronage of the then B.A.T.D President Helen Ford whilst on a presidential visit in Malta along with Mrs. Dorothy Cray who was also appointed examiner to Malta. The Malta Region has since held annual medal tests and has recently seen an influx of new young professsional members which augures well for the future. During the past years it has organised various team matches, competitions, social evenings and lectures for their members.

In April 2010 it also celeberated its 20th Anniversary as a region and was honoured by a Presidential visit by Ms.Margaret Smith who was accompanied by both the past and present examiners, Ms.Dorothy Cray and Mr. Richard Mc. Gilchirist accordingly.

The Malta Region of the B.A.T.D meet regularly and continually endeavour to improve the dance scene in Malta and encourage new members.