President’s Zoom Address

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Dear Members,

As we are all trying to cope in this unprecedented time with the effect that “Covid- 19” is having on our lives, I want to reach out to you and remind you, that we are all in this together.

The BATD is here to help you in any way we can – So how can we help? – At this moment we cannot advise you as to when or how you will be allowed to re-open.  That is up to the Government and health officials.  We must all abide by their guidelines, as the health and safety for all is our main priority.

However, as the lockdown took its hold on each and everyone of us, we have had to cancel meetings, examinations, festivals, scholarships and of course conference.

Many of us joined in and enjoyed excellent zoom lectures over the conference weekend.
Though we were not there in person, it certainly helped us feel connected again, and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces.

Now that Head Office is open again (all be it in a reduced capacity), we plan to have continued education via the zoom platform for you the membership. Contact us at and give us your thoughts as to what classes would be of interest to you.

Would you be interested in a zoom meeting with myself, The Trustees and General Secretary. A Q & A or just a simple chat. We care and want to know what would be helpful to you. Please submit your questions prior to Monday 13th July so that we can research and find the best possible answer for you.

None of us know when this pandemic will end or know all the answers that we all so desperately want to know.

So it is important for us to keep positive and secure in the knowledge that the dance teachers world wide will eventually be back to some kind of normalcy and we shall all, once again, enjoy our dancing activities – I look forward to that day. Please take care – stay safe – and keep positive.

Miss Elma Whyte
B.A.T.D. President