Nairn Day of Dance

The BATD Junior Highland Members Group North Region held a day of dance in Nairn on the 4th of March. There were 98 dancers in attendance despite the ‘Beast from the East’ threatening to cancel the event!

Our lecturers for the day were Gemma Baillie, Debra Anne Waugh and Tanya Horne.

We decided to alter the start and finish time for the day to allow dancers and their families more time to travel to take account for the weather!

The day started with Tanya warming the dancers up to get them ready for the day ahead!

We split the dancers into two groups, pre premier and premier! Gemma went through the new championship steps with the premier group whilst Debra took the pre premier group for some work on their highland! We had 18 primary dancers taking part in a half day, Tanya took them at 1130 for some fun fitness work!

Before lunch Debra took the premiers for some work on the jig and Gemma started to work on some national dances with the pre premiers! We then stopped for lunch!

After lunch both halls worked on national dances and then everyone came together at the end for Tanya to do some strengthening and fitness work! This included various ways of doing burpees which all the dancers seemed to really enjoy! The day concluded at 2:45pm! Since the day of dance of dance we have received some great feedback from dancers, mums and dance teachers!