B.A.T.D. London Region Stage Dance Festival 2016

Sunday, November 27th 2016 at the Civic Theatre, Grays, Essex.

This is the fourth year of the Stage Dance Festival and has proved to be another very successful day for the London Region.  Many schools took part, showing the amazing talents of their students in all styles of dance and singing.

The organizers were in place from 8am, and ready to start the event by 10am, finishing at 7pm.  The programme showed a wonderful variety of entertainment, costumes, music and enjoyment from everyone who took part.

A professional photographer was hired and she took photographs throughout the day.  These were put on the website for parents and students to purchase after the event, if required.  Trophies were awarded to each winning group, with the opportunity for dancers to buy medals and ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements.  Special trophies were awarded at the end of the day for the school with the highest overall marks, highest individual mark, best musicality and best costume.  These are returnable on a yearly basis.

In the middle of the day we have a Scholarship entry section, where soloists can apply for various places at the Brighton Academy, which is run by one of our former students.  This outstanding Academy offers our BATD students a chance to compete for free Summer School places, trial sessions, and even a full three year scholarship.

This has proved to be a great fund-raiser for the Region, with good entries, door sales and medal sales. Our profits for this one day event range from £2,500 to £4000. A huge thank you must, of course, go to the London Region Committee members and the staff of Danceworld who run the event so smoothly and efficiently.

B.A.T.D. London Region Festival Winners

Best Dance School
Harmony School of Dance and Performing Arts

Best Costume
Harmony School of Dance and Performing Arts

Best Musicality
Beverly Marks Stage School

Highest Troupe Mark
DM Dance

Scholarship Winners for the Brighton Academy

Katie Pierce

14+ Taster Week/Summer School Week
Charlie Parker-Griffiths, Amy Henderson, Alice Barclay, Millie Graham, Grace Newson, Angela Wise, Jessica Snooks & Amy White
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