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This page is here to try and make this site easier and more enjoyable to use. This page will grow and grow as the functionality on the site grows that requires plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your looking to find something out and you don’t where to start, why don’t you check our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Plugins

Below on this page you will a few links to browser plugins that will enable you to get more functionality from your visit to our website. Beside each link we will explain where that plugin is used on the site.

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin.

This plugin is used to display a certain type of document, we use these type of documents for some of our News articles and our paper forms which can be downloaded and printed.

This plugin is totally free.

Download Macromedia Flash Viewer plugin.

This plugin is used to display web animations and other media rich content, we will be using these to highlight events, news and functionality to you in an imaginative way.

This plugin is totally free.