The British Association of Teachers of Dancing

Modern Dance

Modern Dance is a subject that is related to both Ballet and Jazz and which develops different movements and styles to a varied choice of music. The dancers learn how to create “lines” and to dance with breadth, freedom of movement and emotion. The work is based upon the use of contraction and relaxation, lots of “accents” and the dimensions of dance. The grade work is broken down into sections: Barre, Floor, Centre & Creative. The first three sections have been designed with a view to gradually build up the dancers strength and suppleness to gain a sound technique that can work hand in hand with other genres of dance and help form an all round dancer. The creative section is where the dancer is encouraged to explore and develop their own style and musical interpretation… time to really shine!

With its freedom of movement and such varied styles from lyrical to funky to commercial… Modern Dance is such great fun!