The British Association of Teachers of Dancing

Hip Hop / Street

Hip Hop, Street, Breaking, Poppin, Locking, Gliding, Ticking, Krumping all styles of dance that constantly evolve, cross cultural boundaries and welcomes, innovation and imagination.

Hip Hop represents a cultural movement from the city streets to the dance institutions and is now considered a legitimate dance form. It takes its place among Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Ballroom. It is an energetic dance style that evolved with the hip hop music scene back to the 70’s. From the Streets of New York to California, young people developed a style of dance to the popular music of the day that involved beat boxing a form of music including raps and sounds with the hands and mouth. Hip Hop has grown and survived and is still evolving today with its gravity-defying moves, freestyle forms and shapes, and the infamous battles between dancers, clubs, around the world.

Popular movies such as Step Up, Step Up 2, Beat Street, Breakin and 8 Mile, as well as SYTYCD have moved Hip Hop into the Dance Form that is exiting, invigorating in a class of its own. Find a class near you! .