The British Association of Teachers of Dancing


Frequently asked questions…

A01: Yes, you can access our message board from the members page. Click on the members tab and it will take you to the appropriate page to post your dance related questions. All you need to do is register.

A02: On the main page of our website you will find the full postal address and phone number to request a copy of the Bulletin. As well in the sidebar you will find the link Contact Us, fill out the form and submit your request. You may also email Please quote your current membership # when applying.

A03: Please click on to Would you like to Join on our main page. You will find information about the association as well as an application form. Or please email our General Secretary at Send your information and queries to:

General Secretary Mrs. Katrina Allan
Pavilion 8, Upper Level
Watermark Business Park
315 Govan Road
Glasgow, Scotland
G51 2SE

A04: Please click on to In Your Region on our main page. Scroll to Find a School, click on and find your area. Schools that have chosen to register online will have their information for your perusal. Sometimes however schools have not chosen to register therefore please send your enquires to our full postal address as listed above, or contact Alternatively you may telephone:

Head Office 0141 427 3699
From Overseas +44141 427 3699

A05: This is published in the back pages of your Conference Report, and Conference Guide. Otherwise please make your request to Head Office by mail,or telephone. Direct any email to or
Alternatively you may contact your North American Coordinators for information.

A06: You can obtain forms by logging onto the member’s only section. There you will find forms pertaining to examinations as well applications. Just log on. Once you sign in for our email newsletter you will be guided to a user name and password. If more information is still required please contact or

A07: You will be guided through this information, once you sign up for our newsletter. You may also make this request to Head Office at or

A08: You may find the actual examination cost’s in the back of your Conference Guide, and Conference Report. You may also request this information by contacting Head Office or Other cost’s that may occur are the actual training involved in preparing for the examination, this of course will depend on which Professional Teacher you may study with.

A09: Please click onto Find a School on our main page. Scroll to in your Region, click on and find your area. BATD schools that have chosen to register will be listed.. If you have not found your choices there, please contact Head Office at the address and phone at the bottom of this screen or email

A10: This may be an oversight on our part or this may have been misplaced in the mail. Please contact us at Head Office or so we can address the problem.

A11: As we all know sometimes things get lost in the mail. If you are receiving mailings you are definitely a paid up member. Contact Head Office either by mail, telephone, email or

A12: The Batd choose to have our medal supplier store and distribute all of our medals to keep costs down for the Association. Head Office does not have to keep a supply on hand this reduces cost, as every medal does not have to be in stock. With the distributor they are issued on a supply and demand process. Certificates however are still issued by Head Office as all the examination paperwork is issued and returned back to Head Office. We also have any pertinent teacher/student information that may be needed in making up the certificates. Contact for further information.

A13: If there is no possible way for you to locate a BATD teacher in your surrounding area, you could list on your application self-taught. If you are a first time associate we would strongly recommend against this. You should be guided through the process with a professional instructor in the subject. Many things could be overlooked in your preparation process. The difference between or standards required between amateur and Professional exams differ greatly.

In the case of an Associate furthering their studies in another subject we do advise you to take the time to at least have your work checked over by a Professional before submitting yourself for the examination. This way you can assure yourself that the work shown will be in line with the requirements for the examination.

A14: There are several options which may be available to you. This all depends on the amount of time you have let your membership lapse.

You can rejoin the association up to 10 years from the date of your last subscription payment.
a): You can back pay your subscriptions for all the years concerned and keep your years in the BATD intact.
b): Alternatively you can rejoin the association by paying a rejoining fee plus the current year’s subscription. However if you choose this method you are rejoining the association as a NEW member. This would make any previous years in the association null and void. This would affect (life membership, 50year certificate, etc.). If you have let the membership lapse more than 10 years the only option available to you is to resit your examination. Therefore you will be starting new in the association. No previous years in the association or previous qualifications are taken into account. When you rejoin by exam, you will pay the entrance and examination fee as well as subscriptions.

Please contact Nicola Hoole at for information as to the number of years your subscriptions may be unpaid.

A15: The first step is to contact Head Office to request your preferred date for examinations. Be sure to give H.O. details of ALL branches you will be entering on the day, this would include any professional examinations. This information is needed to allow H.O. to allocate an Examiner suitable to your requirements. Certain times of the year can be particularly busy so be sure to book early.

Head Office will send out a master form and this should be filled out fully on both sides. Side 1 contains details of date, venue etc. and on side 2 you should enter the approximate number of students at each level in each branch. This master form details current discount entitlement. It is very important to fill in the full postal address of your venue.

North American Teachers need to contact the North American Coordinator relevant to your needs. These coordinators will address all of your requests. Once again book early as the North American Tours fill quickly.

Stage & Ballet Branches Miss. Shelagh Connolly. Highland Branch Mrs. Joy Tolev

Professional Examinations are quite similar, please contact H.O. as soon as you know your exam date.

Head Office has a Teacher’s Guide for Examinations. Request your copy by calling, fax or email to Head Office. You may also download a copy by clicking on How to Book Exams on the side panel of the website.

A16: Click on the Member Section of the Website and you will find Online Payments. Click on this area to find ways to pay online using our secure World Pay forms. Using this method will avoid delays in all of your payments, just click on the appropriate link. Alternatively see below:

UK members can pay for subscriptions, merchandise and examination payments using your credit/debit card, cheque or cash (in office only). This is to be paid in the appropriate monetary funds.

North American and Overseas members can pay for subscriptions and merchandise using credit/debit card only. This is to be paid in the appropriate monetary funds.

North American and Overseas members cannot pay for examinations with a credit card. The current payment method is to pay the examiner direct.

All members can fax or phone your card details to Head Office.

Phone – 0141 427 3699 Fax – 0141 419 9783

A17: You can obtain forms by logging onto the member’s only section. There you will find forms pertaining to examinations as well applications. Just log on. If more information is still required please contact or

A18: The Executive Council in conjunction with the General Secretary and Association’s committees will first determine if new examiners are required. An advertisement will be posted in the Conference Guide and or Report. This may also be posted on the website in the News Section. Applicants in any Branch of the Association must have dual qualifications in the B.A.T.D. They must hold at least 1 Fellowship and 1 Membership and must be over 25 years of age on the date of the application. Applicants for Examinership of the Highland Branch must include Scottish national as a secondary qualification. Associate qualifications shall not be considered in any application. Applicants must have attended 1 Regional meeting and 1 Annual Conference/Congress in the 3 years prior to the application and should have been actively involved in the B.A.T.D. Applicants for the position of Examiner must be conversant with the Rules and Bye-laws of the Association.

Prospective applicants should apply to Head Office for the relevant form. The completed form shall be returned to the General Secretary who shall present the application to the Executive Council at the next available meeting. Applications approved by the Executive Council shall be forwarded to the relevant committee for further vetting. The recommendation of the committee shall be returned to the Executive Council for consideration. Successful applicants will be invited for an interview. The interview will be conducted by a panel of 3 Examiners appointed by the Executive Council. The recommendation of the interview panel will be returned to the General Secretary who will present the findings to the Executive Council at the next available meeting. A successful candidate will be appointed as a Probationary Examiner.

A19: The President and Executive Council are proud to announce that the B.A.T.D. has been awarded its CDMT Validation. You may now advertise that you are a member of the BATD which is validated by the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre.

The BATD is a recognized Dance Association and is a Registered Friendly Society. We are Represented on The British Dance Council, The Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing, The Theatre Dance Council International and Sport & Recreation Alliance.

A20: This Examination is part of our Highland Exam process only.

Recreational Exams are for children who have not reached the required standard for the full medal test and this is an interim exam to help bridge the gap before taking complete medal test.

The Syllabus is available from Head Office and you can also download it here. Please note you will have to have registered for the website to gain access to this page.