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Recreation & competitive classes
Stage Dance
Annemarie's Dance Academy
Personal Trainer
Acrobatic DanceBalletJazzModern DanceHighlandScottish National DanceStage DanceTap Dancing
We are a Family Friendly Dance School with highly qualified teachers.
BalletLyricalJazzHighlandScottish National DanceStage DanceTap Dancing
Eleanor Belton is owner and Artistic Director at Aspects of Dance.
I have been with Eleanor Belton for 21 years. I competed in Highland for many years and became a teacher where I have taught across Ontario at Universities, for Pipe Bands, and at Aspects of Dance.
Acrobatic DanceBalletJazzHighlandStage DanceStep DancingTap Dancing
Acrobatic DanceBalletLyricalHip HopJazzHighlandTap Dancing
Established in 1992, the school offers both classical and contemporary dance techniques to students from 4 years of age.
HighlandStep Dancing
Meghan Bold - 9 years of teaching experience - Scottish Highland
Breck School of Highland Dance wants to make dancers that know how to work hard, dance well, and have fun! The school has competitive dancers and exams and performances throughout the year.
Highland Dance classes
HighlandScottish National Dance
Casey School of Highland dancing is in Georgetown Ontario and is celebrating its 20th anniversary.
HighlandScottish National Dance
Highland Dance lessons in Caledon, Ontario
HighlandScottish National Dance
Highland Dance lessons for ages 3+
Acrobatic DanceBalletClassicalFreestyle DanceJazzModern DanceSpecial NeedsStage DanceTap Dancing
Dance Aarts Academy inspires a passion, a joy and a love of dance for children of all ages. We believe in developing well rounded and versatile dancers with enthusiasm, kindness and strong technique. A place where life long friendships are built and family is who we are.
BalletHip HopJazzModern DanceStage DanceTap Dancing
Dance Collective was established in August 2013 and was formally known as Messmer School of Dance. Jessica Keating the owner/director of Dance Collective was trained since the age of three by Susan Messmer. Dance Collective aims to motivate young dancers to reach their full potential, and to help build confidence in doing so while dancing, learning and inspiring together!
Acrobatic DanceBalletLyricalHip HopJazzTap Dancing
Miss Heather and the staff of DDC welcome you to come and enjoy fun filled family oriented classes in both recreational and competitive levels.
Acrobatic DanceBalletHip HopJazzModern DanceTap Dancing
34 yrs teaching experience
highland teacher
Acrobatic DanceBalletClassicalHip HopJazzTap Dancing
teaching students in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Lyrical & Contempory, Musical Theatre, Vocal and Piano since 1983
Acrobatic DanceBalletHip HopJazzModern Dance
Dedicated to teaching the love and art of dance.
Acrobatic DanceBalletJazzModern DanceStage DanceTap Dancing
member Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Stage
BalletContemporaryLyricalHip HopJazzModern DanceStage DanceTap Dancing
HighlandScottish National Dance
We are a small highland dance studio in Dundas, Ontario Canada
BalletJazzStage Dance
ballet, Jazz and Stage
BalletFreestyle Dance
BalletJazzTap Dancing
Elite Dance Force
HighlandScottish National Dance
member highland and associate national in highland dance
Highland Dance School
Highland in 6 Studio is a Highland Dance studio in downtown Toronto, involving both recreational and competitive classes for all ages with teacher/adjudicator Natalie Quick.
BalletLyricalHip HopJazzHighlandScottish National DanceTap Dancing
Highland dance classes for ages 3 years and older
Acrobatic DanceBalletClassicalHip HopJazzModern DanceStage DanceTap Dancing
We have been doing this dance thing for 30 years. We are pretty good at it and we enjoy every moment. Thank you to the BATD for all your support over the past 30 years.
Acrobatic DanceBalletFreestyle DanceJazzModern DanceStage DanceTap Dancing
Regional Secretary Toronto Region, Fellow and Examiner - A vibrant and happy teacher that loves to share dance with students of all ages. Available to teach syllabi work in tap, jazz, acro, stage, modern and freestyle.
Stage Dance
Jennifer's Arts In Motion
Acrobatic Dance
Associate Member through Acrobratic Dance.
Acrobatic DanceHip HopJazzTap Dancing
Nia Archer
Acrobatic DanceBalletHip HopJazzTap Dancing
Sabrina Stashin
Acrobatic DanceBalletClassicalJazzTap Dancing
Competitive Dance Studio Jazz, Ballet, MT, Acro, Contemporary, Tap
Acrobatic DanceBalletJazzModern DanceTap Dancing
Acrobatic DanceBalletClassicalJazzSpecial NeedsTap Dancing
Kingston Danceforce Studios provides a happy, safe and healthy environment for children and adults of all ages. Here, students explore their love of dance while honing their skills and gaining self-confidence, participating in recreational, exam or dance-based fitness classes. Additionally, students are invited to try out for our competitive dance team, where they will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents and further develop their performance abilities, while benefiting from the constructive critiques of seasoned judges and dance professionals. At Danceforce, we cater to students of varying levels of experience and skill, providing comprehensive instruction in a diverse range of styles. We invite you to share our studio and make it your own, learning, growing, and most importantly, dancing with us.
BalletJazzStage DanceTap Dancing
Contracted dance teacher
HighlandScottish National DanceStep Dancing
Located in Ottawa East, Loch Murray Dancers offers competitive and recreational Scottish Highland Dance instruction, recreational Irish Dance instruction and numerous performance opportunities. Dance instruction is provided to male and female students of all skill levels from four years of age to adult.
Acrobatic DanceBalletHip HopJazzModern DanceStage DanceTap Dancing
Educating dancers in Toronto since 1958
Acrobatic DanceBalletLatinFreestyle DanceHip HopJazzStage DanceTap DancingModern Ballroom
Lorusso School of Dance is located at 950 Queen Street Unit #3 Kincardine, ON N2Z 2Y2
Loren Macklin OCT Member BATD Adjudicator with SOBHD
HighlandScottish National DanceStep Dancing
Macleods dance academy is committed to offering high quality Highland,Step dancing and Scottish national dance
HighlandScottish National Dance
We are a Highland focused dance school in the small town of Alliston ON. Offering recreational, competitive and examination based classes for ages 3 and up.
BalletClassicalJazzMajoretteModern DanceTap Dancing
I love sharing my knowledge of dance and furthering the history of our county of Haliburton
Acrobatic DanceBalletFreestyle DanceHip HopJazzModern DanceSpecial NeedsStage DanceTap Dancing
Markham School of Dance
The Marlene Matthews Highland Dancers strive to foster and promote excellence in highland dancing as selected dances are learned within structured classes. Proper posture and refined technique are developed while standard exercises assist students in understanding body awareness, muscle growth & development.
HighlandScottish National Dance
Teaching Highland dancing in the GUELPH area. Member of BATD
Acrobatic DanceBalletClassicalFreestyle DanceJazzStage DanceTap Dancing
Established in 1983, the Muskoka Dance Academy (MDA) has been a strong contributor to Dance Education and the Performing Arts in Huntsville. Teaching students the fine art of dance, encouraging confidence and promoting self-esteem have been the MDA’s allegiance to its art. Located in the heart of Huntsville, this 3500 square foot facility is colourful, spacious and bright. It offers a clean, comfortable and safe environment for learning, fully equipped for dance with TWO Large 1200’ Sprung Hardwood “floating floor” studios, mirrors, viewing windows, a change room, shower, lockers, homework station and reception area. The MDA has an extensive history in both its Arts and Cultural contributions. It has been recognized for outstanding leadership as a small business and having a positive impact on the youth in its community. Dance is a wonderful physical ability allowing the body to experience a variety of movement to music. There are many different techniques for teaching. We offer those which will most benefit your child.
Acrobatic DanceBalletFreestyle DanceJazzTap Dancing
Studio Owner at Needham School of Dance
Stage Dance
Trained in highland dance and helping with drop in classes at the Arts and Culture Centre through the St. John's Highland Dance Collective in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.
Acrobatic DanceBalletContemporaryLyricalCheer PomFreestyle DanceHip HopJazzModern DanceSpecial NeedsStage DanceStep DancingTap Dancing
Let Us Take You from Beginner to Professional!
Performing Arts
Acrobatic DanceBalletJazzModern DanceStage DanceTap Dancing
Teaching tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, contmporary, acro and MORE!
Prisme Culturel
Acrobatic DanceBalletJazzModern DanceHighlandScottish National DanceTap Dancing
Rosemary Breman School of Dance opened its doors in 1982 in Carleton Place
I am 18 years old and earned my BATD Associate's Highland Dance in May 2015. I have highland danced since I was 5 years old and have always had the goal to one day earn the qualifications to be able to teach. Over my 12 years of highland dancing, I have enjoyed competing in many competitions and taking examinations each year, and I share this enthusiasm with new and upcoming dancers. I assisted my dance teacher at her studio with a highland class for children between the ages of 5 and 8 for 3 years and have experience leading my own dance class of older and more established dancers as well. Since I received my Associate's Membership in 2015, I have begun teaching two of the students who formerly danced at my teacher's dance studio and I am beginning to establish my own career.
The Sanderson School of Highland Dancing-in Barrie and surrounding area since 1976
HighlandStep Dancing
We are not currently offering new classes.
BalletJazzStage Dance
Graduated 2007
HighlandScottish National Dance
We are a highland dance studio located in the heart of Scarborough, Ontario -
HighlandScottish National Dance
Spotlight Danceworks is located in Bowmanville, Ontario. It offers many dance forms, including Highland and Scottish Nationals, ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, cheer, acro and aerial arts
Acrobatic DanceBalletJazzTap Dancing
Dance Studio
BalletJazzStage DanceTap Dancing
Jackie was the 2006 dancer of the year at Spotlight and has now been an instructor with Spotlight since 2007. She has completed her teaching certificates in Ballet, Jazz & Tap with excellent scores on all exams. Her students have won many overall and special awards at competitions all over Ontario. She is balancing a career in teaching at Spotlight with her completion of legal administration and mortgage agent diplomas. Although corporate life now occupies a large part of her life, Dance will always be Jackie’s true passion.
BalletJazzTap Dancing
At Star Dance Academy, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming, family-friendly environment that aims to enrich the lives of children – through helping them develop confidence, teamwork, discipline, creativity, and much more. From our three-year old Twinkle Toes, to our recreational students, to our seasoned Competitive dancers, all students are treated like part of the Star Dance Academy family and are provided equal opportunities to learn and grow as dancers. We offer a multitude of classes in both our Recreational and Competition programs.
Studio 360 is certified in BATD ballet and jazz, however Studio 360 follows other syllabi for other styles of dance like ADAPT. Studio 360 is a competitive and recreational studio that is located in Orleans, Ontario.
BalletJazzTap Dancing
Hello we are Studio One Dance
Sue's Dance Centre
Acrobatic DanceBalletClassicalJazzModern DanceTap Dancing
Offering BATD exams, competitive, and recreational exams
HighlandScottish National Dance
Tara's School of Highland Dance is located in St. Catharines. We offer traditional highland dance lessons in a fun,dynamic, recreational setting. We participate in yearly exams, choreography competitions, local performances and Scottish competitions at the beginner level. The studio encourages self confidence, team work and dedication. Traditional highland dances as well as contmeporary highland choreographies are taught to all age groups.
BalletHip Hop
BalletClassicalHip HopJazzModern DanceHighlandScottish National DanceStage DanceTap Dancing
Non-competitive dance studio in Orleans, Ontario offering classes in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, contemporary, Irish, and Highland.
Highland Dancing Lessons for girls and boys ages 3 + up.
HighlandScottish National DanceStep Dancing
Young Stars Dance is owned and operated by Fiona Young. Highland Dancing is the main focus at Young Stars Dance.
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