The British Association of Teachers of Dancing

Why are Dance Examinations Important?

The B.A.T.D.’s mission is to provide Dance Excellence and Education to all members and Teachers worldwide.

Whether you study Ballet, Jazz, Highland, Freestyle or Ballroom the BATD provides the best training possible for your students.

The Exam process gives each student a goal to work towards and allows them to achieve it.
• Discipline: It takes a great amount of discipline to study theory and work hard in class to reach the technical requirement for each grade level.

• Self Esteem: Achieving your goals heightens self-esteem and by doing this in a shared classroom environment it increases your students respect for and teamwork amongst fellow students.

• Recognition: With continued education into the Professional levels the student will achieve Membership in one of the most Recognized, Largest and Oldest Dance Organizations since 1892.

Exams are valuable because they provide the development of strong technique, artistry and quality of movement. Exams instill strong moral character, values and a passion for excellence.

The B.A.T.D. is a Council of Dance Education and Training (CDMT) Validated Awarding Organization.

To find out more about Examinations with the BATD,
please click on the link for a Teacher’s Guide to the Examinations pdf