The British Association of Teachers of Dancing

About us

The British Association of Teachers of Dancing is a Registered Friendly Society No 11 SA (5) and is represented on the British Dance Council, The Sports + Recreation Alliance, Theatre Dance Council International, Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre Validated Awarding Organisation and The Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing.

The British Association is represented in the United Kingdom, Malta, Canada, America, Australia, South Africa, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Belarus, Latvia, Korea and many other countries.

In 1892 the British Association Of Teachers of Dancing was founded and became the first Dancing Association to encourage the professionals of the day to organise themselves into a society to improve and develop the art of dancing, in many forms. The Association may have started a little before 1892, but November the 30th 1892, is the first recorded date that can be established beyond doubt. The first President of the Association was Mr Frederick George Wyatt.

There were twenty four Founder Members in 1892 and from this small beginning the Association has grown to about three and a half thousand members in 1999. In 1896 the Society became a Friendly Society and has remained the only Dancing Society to be so registered since that time.